Modern Asia Bar | Cocktail Club

Rise of the New Dragons

All are welcome to join Eliza in her UPRISING, as she takes on HER STEPMOTHER, Mona, for her share of the LO family business. 


The Narrative: Who is Eliza?

Eliza is the daughter of a very powerful man. Her mother, his second wife, succumbed to addiction when Eliza was a teenager, leaving her to depend on her stepmother, Mona, who most refer to as SUMYITAI or the Third Wife. 

Growing up, Eliza resisted the control Mona had over her and turned her back on her family's expectations, advocating the freedom of choice. She embraced fashion design, great music and a carefree lifestyle. She became well known for the pin striped suits she designed and the glamorous parties that happened in her London fashion studio. 

In a rebellious bid to snag her share of the family's business, Eliza has made the unexpected move to Shanghai to begin an uprising that even Mona will be unable to stop. 


The Experience: Why Eliza? 

Set in post-millennial Shanghai, Eliza's fashion studio has become one mega party where friends try on custom made suits while sipping on classic cocktails, dining on Shanghai cuisine, & soaking in playful rearrangements of pop music reminiscent of that early 2000, post-millenial time. After the live band riles up your inner rockstar, DJs take the party up a few notches into the early morning. 

Featuring pin striped fabrics & designed in a glamorous brass-navy colour scheme, Eliza is a modern asian bar & cocktail club. You want to be at Eliza because this is the new age of entertainment, where fun seamlessly takes you from happy hour cocktails to live music over sumptuous dinner plates to after-hours DJ sets.  


The Details: What is Eliza? 

Drinks Cocktails + Full Bar Menu of Spirits, Wines, Beers

FooD Modern Shanghai Cuisine (Bar Bites + Full Dinner Menu)

Live Band Playful rearrangements of popular music

DJ OPen format

Operating Hours

Happy Hour 5-8 pm (Mon-Fri) | 6-9 pm (Sat)

Dinner & Live Band 645 -1145 pm (Mon-Thurs) | 6 - 130 pm (Fri) | 9 pm to 245 am (SAT)

DJ until 3 am (Mon-Fri) | 4 am (Sat) (no cover charge)

Join the uprising anytime throughout the night!

Reservations | 6781 4708