ELIZA is the daughter of a very powerful man. Her mother, the second wife, died when she was a teenager, leaving her to depend on her step mother, Mona, the third wife. She feared as much as she admired Mona; hated as much as she loved her. 


As she grew up, Eliza turned her back on the family's ways, advocating the freedom of choice. Eliza embraced jazz music & the independence for women that it symbolised. After studying fashion in London, Eliza returned to Asia to start a fashion studio where she made pinstriped suits for young women. As she designed what she thoughT of as the new age dress, she always listened to POP jazz. 



Set in post Millennial Shanghai, Eliza'a fashion studio has become one big party, with wealthy friends trying on new suits while sipping on cocktails, enjoying Shanghainese cuisine, & listening to jazzY arrangements of pop music. DJs would often show up to take the party into the early morning.